Scilab is available as a binary package. However, we are working closely with GNU/Linux & *BSD distributions to create better packages. If you are a packager and you have some questions, need to commit patches upstream or remarks, please contact the Scilab Dev Mailing List.


Debian is an non profit organisation. There are plenty of developers who manages the distribution (packages, bug fixes, architecture...).

Debian overview of the packages :

Debian bug report for Scilab :

SVN Debian packages sources

Compilation report on various arch


Usually, Ubuntu packages are those from Debian plus sometime a few modifications. Ubuntu Scilab packages are created from Debian's and sync regularly.

Home of the package

Bug tracker ubuntu


There is a package done by the Italian Slackware Community

Arch Linux

Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple. Scilab (from source), Scilab-bin (pre-compiled binary - faster installation) and Scilab-git (most up to date) are available in the AUR - Arch User Repository. Installing any one of them will do.


Scilab exists in Mandriva. Mandriva has joined the Scilab Consortium.

Scilab :

Patch :


Scilab Toolbox ANN :

Mandriva bug tracker :


Gentoo is also a non profit organization. The main principal of the distribution is "compile everything with optimization for your CPU". The dependency tool (emerge) is very efficient.

Markus Dittrich <> is the gentoo maintainer for a few scientific packages including Scilab. He is doing a good working on the gentoo packaging of scilab (few patches). Scilab 4.1 & 4.0 are available.

Gentoo overview of the packages :

CVS gentoo packages sources

The work on the Scilab 5.X package


Fedora is the community/testing version of the well-known RedHat distribution.

Package database information

Compilation report

Fedora bug report for Scilab :


FreeBSD is a free (as speech and beer) Unix. A package is call a "port". They packaged the latest version of Scilab (4.1).

Jean-Sebastien Roy <> (website : French and English) is working on the FreeBSD version of Scilab.

FreeBSD patches for Scilab :

Suse / OpenSuse

Scilab is available for both Suse & OpenSuse

Mac OS X : Fink

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