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Simulink import

Main idea of this project is to create easy method of migrating Simulink diagrams to Xcos, with minimal user involvement.

Project description

See attached SEP: attachment:SEP_Simulink_Import.odt

Compatibility Pattern Structure

<!--    Integrator Block Compatibility Pattern -->
<block sim="Integrator" xcos="INTEGRAL_m" description="">

First goes simulink name of block, then xcos, after that you can put description, that will be shown in [TRACE]

<str2int sim="ZeroCross" xcos="nzcross" description="Enable zero-crossing detection">
        <map simVal="off" xcosVal="0"/>
        <map simVal="on" xcosVal="1"/>
<str2int sim="LimitOutput" xcos="rpar" description="">
        <map simVal="off" xcosVal="0"/>
        <map simVal="on" xcosVal="1"/>

Every parameter that in Simulink has String value and in Xcos is Integer

<real xcos="rpar">
        <map simName="UpperStaturationLimit" index="0"/>
        <map simName="LowerSaturationLimit" index="1"/>

<real xcos="state">
        <map simName="InitialCondition" index="0"/>

All parameters (rpar, state, ipar, dstate) that have real/integer/etc values BR /!\ integer will have it's own type BR /!\ odstate and opar isn't yet available BR


Weekly reports

  1. [:Contributor_-_Simulink_Import/28_may_2010: 28 May 2010]
  2. [:Contributor_-_Simulink_Import/04_june_2010: 4 June 2010]
  3. [:Contributor_-_Simulink_Import/11_june_2010: 11 June 2010]
  4. [:Contributor_-_Simulink_Import/20_june_2010: 20 June 2010]