== Build Scilab with M-SDK==

Step 1

This method is not supported by Scilab Team (Please uses Visual Studio 2008 Express)

You need :

*the latest Windows SDK ; it is free and redistribuable (with condition) providing you have a genuine Windows licence. Contrary to Visual Studio 2K8 express, no additionnal registration is needed.

*Scilab source

*Scilab prerequirement for windows

Source and prerequirement must be in the same directory.

Step 2

Open CMD Shell (start>Microsoft Windows SDK 7.0>CMD SHELL) and type

cd <to_scilab_directory>

Step 3

In the same CMD Shell than previously, type :

msbuild Scilab_f2c.sln

And wait until compilation process finish.

If you want a 64 bits versions, you can type :

msbuild Scilab_f2c.sln /p:platform=x64

and if you want to "clean" your solution :

msbuild Scilab_f2c.sln /t:clean

You can use the /maxcpucount flag to increase compilation speed on multi-core system.

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