Scilab is available as a binary package. However, we are working closely with GNU/Linux & *BSD distributions to create better packages. If you are a packager and you have some questions, need to commit patches upstream or remarks, please contact the Scilab Dev Mailing List or Sylvestre Ledru <>.


Debian is an non profit organisation. There are plenty of developers who manages the distribution (packages, bug fixes, architecture...).

Debian overview of the packages :

Debian bug report for Scilab :

SVN Debian packages sources

Compilation report on various arch


Usually, Ubuntu packages are those from Debian plus sometime a few modifications. Ubuntu Scilab packages are created from Debian's and sync regularly.

Home of the package

Bug tracker ubuntu


There is a package done by the Italian Slackware Community

Arch Linux

There is a package done by Simon Lipp:


Scilab exists in Mandriva. Mandriva has joined the Scilab Consortium.

Scilab :

Patch :


Scilab Toolbox ANN :

Mandriva bug tracker :


Gentoo is also a non profit organization. The main principal of the distribution is "compile everything with optimization for your CPU". The dependency tool (emerge) is very efficient.

Markus Dittrich <> is the gentoo maintainer for a few scientific packages including Scilab. He is doing a good working on the gentoo packaging of scilab (few patches). Scilab 4.1 & 4.0 are available.

Gentoo overview of the packages :

CVS gentoo packages sources

The work on the Scilab 5.X package


Fedora is the community/testing version of the well-known RedHat distribution.

Package database information

Compilation report

Fedora bug report for Scilab :


FreeBSD is a free (as speech and beer) Unix. A package is call a "port". They packaged the latest version of Scilab (4.1).

Jean-Sebastien Roy <> (website : French and English) is working on the FreeBSD version of Scilab.

FreeBSD patches for Scilab :

Suse / OpenSuse

Scilab is available for both Suse & OpenSuse

Mac OS X : Fink

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